Level One: High Caliber Networking Intensive

Level One of this High Caliber Networking Intensive will access your hidden network, connect you with captains of industry, get your "ask" in gear, ensure you're first in the running for that new job or promotion, keep you bringing value to the table, and allow you to confidently command any social situation over the next 30 days!

The program takes you through 12 missions of varying complexity that will nudge you ever so gently out of your comfort zone and prime you for the growth to succeed in social situations both personal and professional.

We'll send you an email reminder for every mission so you can carry on at your own pace without the worry of absentmindedly leaving it off your calendar and forgetting to make progress. Ideally you'll get through these 12 missions over the course of 30 days, but that depends on your schedule, not ours.

Areas of Focus Include:
  • Re-engaging with old and forgotten connections -- counterintuitively, the strongest part of your network as David Burkus, author of Friend of a Friend...: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career, revealed on a recent episode of The Jordan Harbinger Show. 
  • Instilling the discipline necessary for forming good daily habits that make a lasting difference in your relationship building, reconnecting, and maintenance efforts.
  • Showing you how to connect with famously busy people you might otherwise write off as being out of your networking league, provide value to your network at every level, and fearlessly navigate the difficult waters of tapping into that network for help when you need it.
What Is It?

This is just Level One of the High Caliber Networking Intensive. The program taken as a whole will pull you to the center of your social nexus among the elite by ensuring you're operating at peak performance in personal branding, nonverbal communication, advanced value, superconnecting, deep psychology, influence, planning events no one will want to miss, and continual growth in new skill sets.

What It Comes With:
  • 12 missions with practical exercises designed to strengthen your networking acumen.
  • Regular reminders to keep you from lapsing.
  • Personal help along the way to ensure you're reaching your Level One goals in a timely fashion.

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