Better Boss Labs

Don’t let unfamiliarity of how to be a great boss lead you down a path of poor management and leadership skills or miscommunication. By lacking the skills necessary to be a phenomenal boss, you will likely feel the need to micromanage your team – which will always create a surplus of unnecessary work for yourself and a decline in morale in the workplace. The ability to be a great boss isn’t acquired through osmosis, great bosses are mentored and molded into the leaders that they are by other successful leaders. Enter Better Boss Labs.

 Attendees will meet on location once annually to focus on matters of business and leadership for a weekend packed with all of the instruction that you need in order to become the best boss you can be. Monthly classes will be held remotely within an online forum with the purpose of providing extensive mentoring and establishing a sense of accountability to help keep you on track.

 At Better Boss Labs attendees can expect to learn to empower their teams as they improve their leadership, management, and effective communication skills while learning to implement systems within their businesses that ensure their team is taken care of.

 Attendees will leave confident and prepared to be a significantly better boss overall.


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