Control Freak

Control Freak is an exclusive, invite and referral only, high performance mastermind program designed to focus especially on entrepreneurial obsession. This intensive program will assess self internal performance regulation as well as its benefits, and challenges.

You’ll meet with the elite group annually in Aspen, and quarterly at a variety of inspiring locations which will allow you the opportunity to network with other high performers to position yourself for exponential success.

The program will be comprised of a select group of only 12 world class entrepreneurs - so you know you’ll be surrounded by only the highest performing entrepreneurs that the business world has to offer.

You’ll receive monthly training, monthly Mastermind accountability online, and a mailed copy of our Control Freak Monthly Kit. You’ll use these tools to perfect your entrepreneurial skills and gain a better sense of control over your business and your future.

Areas of Focus Include:

  • How to delegate to technology and people to scale sales, product launches, and customer acquisition. You’ll learn 90% new strategies that can’t be found or taught in Harvard or Wharton textbooks.
  • Building execution routines to address the many aspects of your life that are not currently being regulated or developed. Life’s about more than making millions, it’s also about racing to see how many people you can impact with your worldview and philosophy.
  • How to stay on top of information and gain more experience through everyday encounters with people that impact your livelihood.

This program is guaranteed to give you a minimum of 15 more hours a week of quality time - which you can then freely invest into developing new technology, investing in new ventures, or nurturing your family.

What is it?

Program focuses on entrepreneurial obsession and the intense focus on self internal performance and it’s benefits, and challenges. This is a high performance mastermind with 12 other world class entrepreneurs. This is unfortunately an invite only and referral only because we only can have highest performers in this group.

What it comes with

  • Monthly Training
  • Monthly Mastermind Online
  • Control Freak Monthly Kit Mailed

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